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7 steps to Accelerate Your Love Life: the Road to True Love

We all know that falling in love with someone can happen quite instantly. But how do you turn that chemistry, those butterflies, the connection and that passion into a long-lasting … [Read More...]

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Is Your Life Really That Hard?

I have caught myself moaning and groaning a lot lately; about my job, about the city, about the weather, about the distance I live from family and friends... I could go on. And … [Read More...]

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maldives island from above

A Dream Fulfilled: Moving to Paradise

This is a Guest Post by Colleen Bushrod who together with her husband and children left her comfort zone in Alberta, Canada to fulfill a Dream of theirs. From one contrast to … [Read More...]

Oh, Take Me There!


Swedish Midsummer…and this is how it ended

  started, this is how it ended: After 14 schnapps and way too much herring, we managed to get our stuffed bums out of the chair (yes we ended up sitting on chairs, … [Read More...]


Ice-skating in Stockholm

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Biking in the Air

In 2010 Google awarded Shweeb 1 million USD for the best public transport innovation. With over 150.000 submission this idea took the gold medal. Would you like to hop into … [Read More...]