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7 steps to Accelerate Your Love Life: the Road to True Love

We all know that falling in love with someone can happen quite instantly. But how do you turn that chemistry, those butterflies, the connection and that passion into a long-lasting … [Read More...]

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Be Your Own Boss: 7 Pros and Cons

Being your own boss can have tremendous rewards but it also has many down sides. Here are the pros and cons and how to overcome them: Pros: You can set your own hours which … [Read More...]

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5 Simple Ways to Get That Dream Body

Summer is around the corner, and if you, like many other females, are concerned about having that "dream body" at the beach, then I have the recipe for you! 1) Eat lots of Soup … [Read More...]

Oh, Take Me There!


21 Signs You’re a Londoner

I came across this... "how to know you're a Londoner". Apparently if you can relate to at least one of them you're allowed to call yourself a true Londoner, hmm... should we … [Read More...]


Ta Hand om Naturen ditt Fyllo

This message goes to all My fellow Swedes - Please clean up after yourself when hanging out in the parks. Have Fun, enjoy yourself, but just don't forget to clean up ur … [Read More...]


Dream Job

FILM - Another World in our World. The most satisfying aspects of working with film is the variation of worlds you step into, the people who join you on the journey and at last … [Read More...]