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With HARD Work and Patience comes Success

One of the best things that has happened in London the past year; it starts with an "S" as so many other great things in life: Sexy, Sensual, Stiletto, Star, SuperWomen, Sugar, Sinful, and Success. I went down to Covent Garden a while ago to see how things are progressing … [Read More...]

Life Lessons


Is Your Life Really That Hard?

I have caught myself moaning and groaning a lot lately; about my job, about the city, about the weather, about the distance I live from family and friends... I could go on. And … [Read More...]

Life Abroad

maldives island from above

A Dream Fulfilled: Moving to Paradise

This is a Guest Post by Colleen Bushrod who together with her husband and children left her comfort zone in Alberta, Canada to fulfill a Dream of theirs. From one contrast to … [Read More...]

Oh, Take Me There!

Black Swan

Black Swan

The Black Swan was first seen in the late 1600's Western Australia. And here we are on a Saturday morning 400+ years later down on the jetty outside the house feeding those birds … [Read More...]


Biking in the Air

In 2010 Google awarded Shweeb 1 million USD for the best public transport innovation. With over 150.000 submission this idea took the gold medal. Would you like to hop into … [Read More...]


The Pop Up Flea

It’s that time of year again, time for the Pop Up Flea in New York. Apparently, suppose to be the best one yet - a menswear gathering with all sorts of good stuff. The goal is to … [Read More...]