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With HARD Work and Patience comes Success

One of the best things that has happened in London the past year; it starts with an "S" as so many other great things in life: Sexy, Sensual, Stiletto, Star, SuperWomen, Sugar, Sinful, and Success. I went down to Covent Garden a while ago to see how things are progressing … [Read More...]

Life Lessons


Is Your Life Really That Hard?

I have caught myself moaning and groaning a lot lately; about my job, about the city, about the weather, about the distance I live from family and friends... I could go on. And … [Read More...]

Life Abroad

maldives island from above

A Dream Fulfilled: Moving to Paradise

This is a Guest Post by Colleen Bushrod who together with her husband and children left her comfort zone in Alberta, Canada to fulfill a Dream of theirs. From one contrast to … [Read More...]

Oh, Take Me There!

Landing into Newark

Oceans Of Emotions

The past 24 hours have been such an emotional ride. I've touched every possible feeling you can... Nas Emotional 24 hour Ride in order: Excited --> Stressed --> Tired … [Read More...]

Pink Wig

Wig It

The one and only night a week I do get the time to go out with my friends is on the Saturday, and we spent the last one at "Swingin Safari" on the Gold Coast - One of my favorite … [Read More...]


Graduates celebrate as they enter the worst economy ever

I'm in Stockholm, just out for lunch with my cousin from Gothenburg and every 2 minutes a "studentflak" (a truck filled with a graduated class) is passing by, dancing and … [Read More...]