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With HARD Work and Patience comes Success

One of the best things that has happened in London the past year; it starts with an "S" as so many other great things in life: Sexy, Sensual, Stiletto, Star, SuperWomen, Sugar, Sinful, and Success. I went down to Covent Garden a while ago to see how things are progressing … [Read More...]

Life Lessons


Is Your Life Really That Hard?

I have caught myself moaning and groaning a lot lately; about my job, about the city, about the weather, about the distance I live from family and friends... I could go on. And … [Read More...]

Life Abroad

maldives island from above

A Dream Fulfilled: Moving to Paradise

This is a Guest Post by Colleen Bushrod who together with her husband and children left her comfort zone in Alberta, Canada to fulfill a Dream of theirs. From one contrast to … [Read More...]

Oh, Take Me There!


Missing Winter Stockholm

How beautiful isn't our city? Not well known. Not well populated. Maybe because a little bit too cold. But so well Beautiful. And you get used to it. And you learn to Love it. And … [Read More...]

FaluRed House

Sweden: The Most Respected Country in the World

Reputation Institute Releases Results of its 2010 Country Reputation Study and Sweden places first with Canada, Australia, and Switzerland close behind. Physical Beauty, Lifestyle, … [Read More...]


Do You Dare?

Do you dare biking down the street in Stockholm rush hour, past red lights,up and down the pavement, through traffic jam and with one hand? I do, but all I could think of was my … [Read More...]