Social Media Strategy

There has been a lot of talk about social media strategies; what they are, what they should be, what they could be.

At my agency, a social media strategy is the backbone of any campaign, intelligence task, listening mission, outreach, or PR effort. For us there needs to be a strategy supporting every cause. Otherwise there is no need for a cause.

Below is an Infographic by Wilson Cooke that explains this very well. Click photo to enlarge or to download printable pdf version click here: wilsoncooke-infographic

To read more about Wilson Cooke – Click here to enter the site!

Is Your Life Really That Hard?

I have caught myself moaning and groaning a lot lately; about my job, about the city, about the weather, about the distance I live from family and friends… I could go on. And then today I was talking to someone who told me that he has a friend who is always positive and how refreshing it is to talk to this friend only for the fact that she always looks at a situation from the bright side. She twists and turns whatever fact, whatever situation until she has found an angle that is happy and bright.

It got me thinking; we all know that complaining about something only makes it worse. Psychologically, you think whatever matter is worse after complaining because you have managed to dig up more dirt, or analyse it to pieces, and of course you have found even more negativity while doing so.

It also got me thinking about my life as an outsider, which would be: “She lives in New York, in a beautiful apartment, working in one of the most prosperous industries today – doing really well, she has people around her that cares and that loves her, she does not need to worry about a lot of things – and still she is not satisfied.” It is a shame when you think about it, being so lucky and although, having the decency to complain.

This is a wake-up call, or maybe more of a slap in the face – but I promise you, from now on, moaning and groaning is reserved to the ones who deserves to moan and grow. And until I am one of them, it will not happen again.

note from work colleague

A note I got from a colleague (accompanied with a bunch of pain killers)

Sh*t Project Managers Say

With love from Martin, my dear colleague, this video came to me and it was as if a light got turned on inside of my head: This.Is.Why.They.Call.Me.The.Ice.Queen.At.Work.


I Need The Sun

I dont know about you but I have been spending way too much time without the sun lately. Without that feeling that you have when you wake up, walk out on the balcony, have a whole shiny world in front of you and nothing to do but enjoy it.

My days used to look like that all the time before, they were care-free, sunny and shiny, empty – with nothing to do but come up with something to do, when, sure, you cared about a lot of things that you really shouldn’t have cared so much about: like that your best friend bought the same skirt as you had bought, or that she had made out with the same guy as you the other day.

Who cares now? Or, more like it, who has time to care now?

I remember when I spent a whole summer in Stockholm, and my dear Mr B was spending the summer in NY. I went almost mad. It was the worst summer I have ever ever had. I thought I was going to kill myself, never been so unhappy in my  w h o l e  life. But it was not because I missed him more than usual, it was not because I thought he was cheating on me more than usual, it was not that I was more unhappy than usual. I just had more time to think about it.

My mom always used to say: Keep busy and you will stay content. There lies a skewed, f-ed up truth in this.

I am always really happy when I keep busy; I feel like I have accomplished something in life. But I am really not that happy, I just dont take the time to sit down and reflect. On anything. I dont know how or what I am feeling cause I am just too freakin busy to really stop and feel.

My life is going to pass me and I am going to go through it without feeling. At least that is how it feels when you work 12-16 hours a day. But I do love it. I think.

I am going to get off the computer now and feel. I suggest you do the same.

I am Waiting for the Snow to Arrive

Aren’t you?!

What is Christmas without snow?

In less than three days I am leaving the city that never sleeps to spend Christmas in the city that is way too cold – Stockholm. I am just hoping that within the next 72 hours, the wind will change and the white stars will start falling.

I want a white Christmas! ;)

The best day of all during the Christmas season is December 13th. On the morning of Lucia Day, Lucia and her maidens come early in the morning, before dawn, bringing light in the darkness.

Lucia herself is dressed in white with a crown of candles on her head and she and her maidens are singing the traditional Lucia songs and serving a breakfast of glögg (sweet, mulled red wine), saffron-flavoured buns (lussekatter) and gingerbread biscuits. Lucia is celebrated in this way in schools and workplaces all over the country.