Hugging the mug; 10 Reasons to Drink TEA

This guest post is written by Gabriela Gorab, a costume director for Autoexplora Drivestyle; a TV show aired in ESPN. She was born and brought up in Mexico City but her passion for culture and arts have taken her to many countries including successfully completing her degree in Australia. Follow Gabriela on Twitter @GabrielaGorab


photo credit: Elena Kalis

Some time ago, I was invited along to a Tea Party to try Estée Lauder DayWear Advance Multi-Protection from the new Sephora located in Antara – one of the most exclusive shopping centers in Mexico City. The event was tasteful and most importantly relaxing, girly and surrounded by lovely things; a bit of Alice In Wonderland´s Unbirthday party infiltrating beauty.

The event inspired me to understand the impact of tea and wanting to share my tea obsession. Did you know that these little tea bags you put in a mug filled with hot water, can do wonders for your body? Not only, make you drop an inch or two in body size, but it can also help you boost mentally.

Here’s my Top 10 list of Why Tea is Good for You and Why You Should Start Drinking it!

photo credit: Rodney Smith

  1. It is used to treat multiple sclerosis (disease that affects the central nervous system, mostly found in young women
  2. Tea contains antioxidants, which protect the body from the outcome of aging and the effects of pollution
  3. Tea has less caffeine than coffee
  4. Green tea raises metabolic rates and speed up fat oxidation which helps weight loss
  5. Boosting mental alertness – Theanine affects the brain to act calmer yet more alert
  6. Helps to fight blood pressure; therefore helps strokes, heart failure, kidney dysfunction, etc
  7. Helps progressing the functions of your digestive and excretory systems
  8. Protects your bones by making them stronger
  9. Its leafs are High in Vitamin K that aid in blood clotting
  10. Preventing the growth of bacteria causing bad breath

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I’m in love with everything from my lips kissing the warm drink, the flavors entering my palates, to feeling the warmth all the way to my fingertips as I’m hugging the mug. The sensation I gain from a little cup is immeasurable.

You might find it odd, that I who live in a warm climate country have a thing for hot drinks. Maybe it’s the fancy Tea Parties I’m obsessed about. Or  perhaps my English friends made me a little bit British. You know when you hang out with someone 24/7 and suddenly all your differences melt into one? I guess that’s what happened. What’s certain though is that, the tea brought us closer.

Feel like I missed anything on the list? Please add it to the comment below or just share your Tea Experience with us!