Watch Out for the Snowball

For those in the world, that’s never seen snow or are in a warm place, i’m throwing a snowball at you right now!

My Exact Feelings about New York

NY Manifesto

NY Manifesto

Unpredictable Weather

One thing that I don’t like about Europe…probably referring to London, Paris, Stockholm mainly….Is the awful unpredictable weather. Sunny and beautiful one minute and then next a bloody snow storm. 2 years ago, around this time, I had 2 friends visiting from London. We went out in the evening and there was NO snow. We woke up in the morning, and the car was covered..and I mean COVERED in snow.

Friends visiting from London

Josefin & I walking home from a night out in London town

Cultural Monday

It’s Lisa’s last day in London so Anna and I took the day off from working on the business and decided to be a bit cultural for a change……learned everything about London’s history at London Museum and finished off with some Portuguese PERi-PER at Nandos :)

Towards the London museum

Sunday Night Working Mess

Working Mess

Working Mess

Me and Borja working: Mess!