Sunday Night Working Mess

Working Mess

Working Mess

Me and Borja working: Mess!

The Happiest Place on Earth

The past 24 hours I’ve watched almost every Disney movie that’s out there… Being in this harsch world, it’s nice to escape to this dream land and allow your imagination to go wild. I’ve always related to the Disney character Belle… and my favorite boy would be Peter Pan ;-)

Like Linda, it’s been a childhood dream to go to Disneyland. So when I was in LA, without knowing that Adventure Park was around the corner, my friend surprised me for a day with rides and Mickey. Guess if I was a happy girl? Even happier when I received this video a few days ago ;-)

New York: H&M Fashion Week 2010

This is the Life during Fashion Week in New York. I didnt manage to shoot it myself, but H&M have managed to put together a great representation! Welcome to Mayhem!

My American Limousine

Yes, thats the name of my old Ford Falcon Stationwagon.
Living in Brisbane working with film there’s no chance you could do your job without a car, then you would basically have to jump on a bus the night before the shoot to be able to meet up at crewcall 6:30 in the morning. Therefore I had to get one, and in this I can fit a surfboard, a mattress or a dog in the back if going on a road trip – almost the length of a limousine.

Took the car to the Mechanic when horn stopped working. Well, actually it worked too well since the car was honking by itself when I went down the highway…

Good morning Europe

Good morning Europe and the other continents that are living in the past. Friday afternoon here already…
It’s been a beautiful day on the Gold Coast, and waking up with this view can’t make you anything but happy! Have a great day mate.