Do You Feel Successful?

Success Next Exit

Success Next Exit

Start by asking yourself, What is your life plan? Do you have one? What are your goals? And Why? The most important question is WHY.

When I put words to this thing called the Why, it completely changed the direction of my life. Not a single thing that I’m doing today was a part of any plan – how could they be? I could not even had imagined them.

I read an article the other day that posed the question: “How will you know when you’re successful?”

The truth is, you don’t. Or at least, I don’t. It’s impossible for me to know. I do know that there is a difference between being successful and feeling successful. And if you ask me if I feel successful I would say; “not yet”.

The thing to understand here is that, by most standard of measurements, I am enjoying more success now than at any other time in my life, but I still don’t feel successful. This is what makes the question so fantastic. If the goal is to feel successful, what is the measurement we should use to achieve that feeling?

Also consider who thinks that you are successful? If I would go around each and every person that knows you a little and ask them if you are successful they would probably all say yes. They would say “You have two degrees from one of the major competitive cities in the world, you have been at a high position at a Fashion Magazine in New York, you have met more influential people than most people will in their whole life, you have flown private jets and been sent across the world to attend shows and galas…and you are in your twenties!” But see, this is where we differ, since I feel that I am nowhere close to where I want to be, here I aim to be, where I will eventually be; career-wise and personal-wise.

The most common standard measurement is money – our bank accounts. That’s how so many people measure their success today, so perhaps it works? I for one have never been motivated by the money. If we were to measure success in $,  we’d all have a number in our minds that, if we reached it, we’d stop working. And most of us don’t. No matter how much I make, I don’t want to stop working. Money doesn’t help me answer that question.

Some would argue that you’re as successful as the company you keep. Certainly there is a connection between our friends and who we are. But can we really measure our success based simply on the company we keep? The other day when I found out that Liv was asked to write an article for SVD I was in awe. I was SO proud of her. I was proud of being her friend. But at the same time it made me feel less successful. Not in a bad way. But it just made me aspire to do well, as well as Liv. This is a good thing, when your friends inspire you to get better and be better. This is why I love my Successful friends. The irony in this is that regardless of how successful we think someone is, we don’t actually know if they feel successful.

IF Liv feels successful, what she has found is momentum. It is that momentum that makes her feel good. It is the momentum that makes her feel successful.

I know momentum is building. That, more than any other measurement, makes me feel successful.

So what of the original question, “How will you know when you’re successful?”

The answer: When I reach a level of momentum where the movement can advance without me – then I will feel successful.



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  1. @Nasim … a very interesting site … hope you can make it on 9Feb. @Linda … thanks for making me think.

    Success is a measure of achieving goals … perhaps it all depends on how the individual defines success. For some it’s simply surviving the day or the night (I loved the periods of my life that were that simple). Set unreasonable goals, have unreasonable expectations and you’ll sabotage your chance for success. Set reasonable unchallenging goals and your success will be unrewarding. So I guess it’s balance?

    If you’re quest is to always know more, be more and achieve more then you’ll be entirely on a journey to success. If that is you then remember to take breaks and enjoy the moments.

    So let’s view the journey as you would a trip, a holiday or vacation. How you prepare and plan will have a huge impact on how it turns out.
    1.) You can hitch a ride where ever it takes you, do what it takes to eat and sleep as you randomly move to wherever life takes you. Like a cork bobbing in the ocean; yes eventually you may find a safe harbor but it won’t the one of your choice.
    2.) You can plan to see all or none of your own country and never venture beyond the borders of your city, county, state or country (the American Dream).
    3.) You can plan to acquire education and wealth and travel the world for business & pleasure on a private jet (provided the government doesn’t separate you from what you’ve worked for … taxes).
    4.) Anything you can dream is fair game if you take ownership, responsibility and are willing to pay the price economically, physically and emotionally. Do all that and probably you’ll feel as if you’ve achieved something .. success.

    IMHO when it comes to the quest of success the feeling has to be (or should be) satisfying to the soul and not a contest of who has the biggest yacht.

    Perhaps during goal setting we should ask ourselves what we’d like to be remembered for after our final sunset? … well when I started writing I thought I had a “one sentence answer” to the question and a few paragraphs in realized it’s as complicated as man himself.

    Good luck to all who thought I’d drop a nugget of wisdom. Personally on my journey to success I’m constantly reminding myself that I should plan for the next leg of the journey during the relaxing moments of the current leg and although I’ve rushed off without knowing how I’d get someplace I always have a well-researched destination in mind.

    • Drew, I have now read your comment 5 times. You are so right. And it something I forgot to mention in my post. Success is exactly like planning a trip. You plan success. And I think that is where many of us go wrong. We think that by working hard hard hard and making money money money we will at some point end up with the feeling of success. At the end of the day, that is the biggest trap. Since without thinking before acting, we will end up wherever someone else has decided to put us. Not where we want to be. And how successful will you feel then?
      Thank you for you very well thought-through and inspiring post!

  2. Rates of Success.

    Word guys what a morning read u both really nailed this topic. I would like to add that I think other people measure ure success rather than ureself, did bill gates really know microsoft would be a successful company, it was built on foundations same as the local jewel in the crown grest success in swindon. Does success = achievement ??, after passing my theory driving exam for the 3rd or 4th sitting, damn right i felt goooood I had finally succeeded my mountain climb and i stood strong in the face of the wind no-one could knock me down. till i descended the mountain and was proper sore from walking and carrying this big old bag i was thinking y did i do this. Well the spa’s ‘n’ bar’s really helped remind me and the flashing camera light as i sat down for the press interview. As the mic crackled on ……. thanks and for my next challenge on my road to repeating success success success.

    So no matter how many races u win success is a shared scenario recognition, repetition n rewarding.

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