Foreplay for Girls only: How to Touch Yourself

Stand In front of the Mirror and stare at your Breasts. Lift your arms over your head and look at the shape of your Breasts. Feel free to touch your boobs whilst you are in the shower. Touch through your breasts with straight fingers and press them gently. Start with a circle around your nipples and continue with small circulated movements around your whole breasts.

Go ahead and feel yourselves up ladies and have fun! October Is Awareness Month where Girls all over the world are reminded to touch themselves! Get started – now you have the instructions!

You're like so De La Dreamin' now. Well what you waiting for? Don't stop now! Let us know you were here!


  1. You got me going there for a sec LOL

  2. nice

  3. Joyell hollyNo Gravatar says:

    Thus suck is there anything else why dnt u have demonstration pictures i still cant do it I NEED HELP!!!

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