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WE are NOW undertaking a DIGITAL revolution and YOU NEED to be on top of the game. Wonder how you can increase your marketing? How you can target your customers? Best way would be to catch them whilst they are visiting your company, right? Well, if you agree, then you might also understand the importance of using social media platforms.

Whilst you have your customers attention, you should encourage them to be a fan of your brand on your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter or even Foursquare you!

But how could you do all this if you are not offering free wifi?! Starbucks have been one of those few brands that understood this and have since July 2010 offered their customers free surfing. Now Social Media nerds like myself can check in to Starbucks on Foursquare, tag my friends or who I’m with on Hashable, take Instagram photos, tweet it to all my followers and post it to my facebook wall. Now, that could potentially be reached to over 1’000 people.

Free Wifi, gain customers!

How much do you spend on marketing costs? Take some of that budget and put it in to offer free wifi and have a look at the return. A customer might just pop in to use your wifi when the name of your company will be known to him / her. Once the customer is in, he / she becomes aware of your product and could potentially like it. Customers can communicate with you brand and talk about it online via different platforms such as Gowalla, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook… just to name a few.

Suddenly your brand becomes globalized. And travelers like myself can talk about your brand. Good or bad… it is still PR.

(I am now writing from Zurich Insurance Risk Management stand at Frankfurt airport – the only spot I could find that offered internet. Apparently, here in Frankfurt, Telecom has monopoly for wifi at the airports, which is partly why we’re not modernizing as quick as we would like.)

Want to know more about how to use Foursquare for your business, click here!

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    hi nasim
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  2. Foursquare GreeceNo Gravatar says:

    Here in Greece we are pushing forward and trying to get as many businesses on board as possible. A local Foursquare site has been set up, and businesses here are being encouraged to get on Foursquare with the help of the Foursquare Greece team.


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