Nudity in Sweden

There is something about Swedes and nudity. I don’t know why… But Swedes are crazy about having a summer dip, a winter dip, running around naked, getting undressed when drunk, flush their butts etc etc. I think Swedes have made themselves worldwide known for flushing their private parts (could explain My penis phobia).

So, it clearly doesn’t surprise me when I see an advertisement selling a product using nudity. If you never been to à Swedish house party, this is how you would predict it right? We like orgie’s too ;-) *joking*.

Anyway, what surprises me with this image is that…nudity is common in Swedish culture. And Swedes are all blonde right? Well, it’s not entirely true but the media has created this picture. It sells :-)

But somehow, I don’t see one single blonde in this picture. They’re obviously fake brunettes. So, I found it ironic that they’ve used brunette models… For the first time ever.

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