I am in Love…

…with these shoes. Aww I need them! Can somebody please tell me where they are from?

This is why Pinterest and Instagram makes my life difficult… you see an image of something but you have no idea where anything is from.

Gotta say though, love browsing pretty pictures.

I would call them; Bliss

I would call them; Bliss

Edita Vilkeviciute for Patrizia Pepe Spring 2012 Campaign

I can not tell you how much I want every single piece of this collection. I can also not tell you how much I wanna be somewhere where I could wear these things. A Taste of Summer – Edita Vilkeviciute returns as the face of Patrizia Pepe’s spring 2012 campaign.

The mix of fringe, light fabrics and jewel tones could not have been more spot on. The hippie combined with the jet-setter. Tastefully messed up. It is new, fresh, not done before, classic but yet so in-vogue. I cant breathe. Somebody – make me rich so that I can buy all of this!!

Sleep Like a Homeless

Would you want to sleep in bed sheets that depict some old cardboard boxes that are taped together? Do you want to go to bed thinking about all the homeless people in the streets? And would you like to drop 100 USD for this experience? 

The Swedish department store NK just released a new and in my opinion controversial design of bed sheets, somehow trying to create an idea of what it’s like to be homeless while raising the awareness of the matter. The positive sides of this, in my view, is first of all that the profit of the sales will go to the affected. Second is that it will bring the question to the surface and call for a debate (which I assume has already started)…

But couldn’t the concept of this design be just a bit prejudiced? Do all homeless people really sleep on cardboard boxes? Or is this a way of taking advantage of the homeless for financial gain?

I need to think about this one… What do you think?

Available for order online at Snurk (Dutch company that has designed the bed set).

Unhate by Benetton

Benetton has really aced the Photoshop work on this campaign titled ‘Unhate’. Kind of makes me want to buy more clothes from Benetton.

Found at BumBumBum

PRADA Wallpaper

Futuristic nude metal colored mannequins in the Garden of Eden? Two completely diverse concepts merged into one. This wallpaper is called “Futurama” and was designed by Prada in 2004. Can you interpret the concept? I’m not sure I can, and I’m not sure the observer is meant to either, so I leave my mind to process this fascinating imagery for a while.

This wallpaper is a whole continuous strip. You can see it here